Monday, 28 March 2016

UFO's and age

I was carer for my parents. When my mother was dying I was alone caring for her. Every night when my sister took over for an hour or so I drove to a service station and had a Costa coffee. Sometimes when I couldn't sleep and everything was safe I drove there at three or four in the morning for coffee.


Then things got worse and I couldn't leave the house. These end days blurred. My mother had the strength and courage of a Titan. She had the humour and love till the end. She was amazing. I was existing on coffee. I was on seven espressos before eight am.


My only respite was washing up. I used to turn on my internet radio and carefully washed up. Dishes have never been washed so perfectly. Being able to focus totally on something trivial is a wonderful distraction at times like this.


And I listened to UFO radio, and conspiracy theory providers on the Internet.


I'm not sure why I turned my attention to this sort of thing I had no interest in this sort of thing. I think I wasn't in the mood for music and I didn't want to think about real news and the real horror it brings.


And I'm grateful for these purveyors of woo and insanity. Really. Every time I listened it made me angry. Lies, stupidity and crap poured forth to try to pursuade and rip off the listener. Now I'm not a blinkered sceptic but the sheer idiocy of these programmes was shocking.


Anyone with half a brian could see the 'facts' they report was untrue. Even minor research shows it is based on lies, misinterpretation, and the rubbish work of others.


As for the conspiracy theory wonks. It's scary.


I would love it if they were true. They aren't but it would make things interesting which can be fun. More than this if they did exist I would not be angry or have my world shattered. Reality is reality you'd learn to live with reality whatever it is.


But want really made me angry, apart from the rampant antisemitism, encouragement of violence and hatred, is that unscrupulous shysters vomited lies to con the culpable to make money.


I hate that.


However I am grateful for the anger these con artists/deluded instilled in me. At a time of blurring and heartbreak spending a couple of moments getting riled and angry was a wonderful distraction.


The thing that sticks how old the woo purveyors seem to be. Especially in those spouting UFO theories: they are old. In many cases they are in their late 60's or 70's.


Where is the young blood?


Ghost/demon hunting tend to be the younger crowd, as does anti-government/Jews elements. To my innocent mind the deluded or cynical follow the money and ghosts and such like are trendy and attract cash unlike ufos.


So UFOs and MUFON seems to have become the bastion of the elderly.


Isn't this a tad odd if ufos and aliens are all around us?


And yet the anger was a godsend in a horrible part of my life.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

On The Labour Party's new leader

So the Labour Party has chosen Jeremy Corbyn to be their leader.


I said it before but I simply don't understand how the party that is supposed to be the party of the working person chooses any other posh boy to be their leader rather than a actual working person.


The fact that a borderline elderly left wing antisemitic radical with disgusting links to terrorist cheerleaders and Holocaust deniers who hates the British military and our culture Could be prime minister is sad.


The Tory party must be delirious with their winning of the the 2020 general election. Corbyn's views are totally out of step with the majority of the country. I know labour people who are shocked at the state of their beloved party. This could seriously split labour.


Two points strike me though. The first is how awful the candidates for labour have been. All posh, all never having a proper job, All incompetent nonentities, and all non-working class. Not one of them a star.


The major point is the fact that it is tragic that one of our leading parties have been reduced to this sorry state. This isn't healthy for any of us. The Tory party aren't competent or particularly good, however they don't have any real opposition. No government should be free of scrutiny or challange.


The new leader will be devastating for labour, but it could be tragic for the rest of us.


It's a sad/funny day.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Conspiracy theorists and freedom of speech

When I was nursing my Mother through her terminal illness I got into the habit of listening to conspiracy radio programmes whilst cooking and washing up. And every time I did I got more and more angry. The sheer ignorance, racism, and the taking the listening public for fools to be fleeced boiled my blood every time I listened.

I am thankful for that. When going through such a awful period the distraction of pointless anger was a great relief.

I'm not going to talk about the existence, or not of UFO, or ghosts, or 'super soldiers' (though I have to say this particular theory is drivel), secret histories, or any ot the bewildering number of theories which contradict each other.

I would love it if some of the theories where true. I mean how much more interesting would it be if we weren't alone, or if there where ghosts, gnomes (which some people in all seriousness swear exist), or whatever secret that would make our world more fun.

However I do wonder at the proliferation of such paranoid musings. You could argue that such theories are a symptom of social dissonance, mental illness, or any number of explanations

However should such theories be curtailed? That is the question.

I am a believer in freedom of expression. As I've stated here many times it doesn't matter if you are offended by what is said, or if you don't agree with it, freedom of expression is vital. It is easy to state you support freedom of speech if you agree with what is said. Many, especially those on the left, espouse freedom of expression for them whilst demanding those they disagree with are sacked, banned, or imprisoned.

But freedom of expression should be open to all, especially if we don't agree with what is said.

However should some conspiracy theories to in the media be banned? I will state here that I don't think so but I find it worrisome at times.

Time after time we see terrorists justify their atrocities using idiotic conspiracy theories pumped out on the alternative media. We see American terrorists justifying their deeds citing conspiracy theories, we see people promoting murder and violence against airline pilots due to them being whipped up by ideas which say pilots are murdering the world because they are not in fact flying people on their holidays but spraying poisons into the atmosphere in order to cull the population.

Perhaps the worst thing is the tens or even hundreds of thousands who have, and will die, because conspiracy theories pushed by those who seek to profit by pushing quack crap say that inoculation is there to murder them based on some possibly Jewish plot. Doctors and nurses are murdered in Pakistan and Africa because western, mostly American, conspiracy businessmen tell people that it is a conspiracy against them.

If people die, even if it is in a different country, should we ban some conspiracy theories? If so which ones? Who chooses?

I have no answer as I say I am a fervent freedom of expression advocate who would ban nothing. But are there limits to such freedom? If there were powers bans on free speech you can bet politicians and the powerful would abuse the power to limit information and to protect their misdeeds. So should anything be banned?

I don't think so as long as it isn't the call for murder but it's hard sometimes.

I'd hate if gnome talk is silenced.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Julian Assange worry

I've got in trouble for broadly supporting the Wikileaks chap Julian Assange. I have to admit that some of his actions, especially since he sought sanctuary in his embassy, has to my mind been less than helpful, but I broadly support him.

Knowing what I know about the criminal charges against him I doubt that he is guilty of sexual assault. I need to make clear that this is purely based upon information in the public domain and is using the UK's definition of what constitutes sexual assault. This may be different in Sweden.

It appears that the charges are going to be dropped against him.

This is very good if he is innocent.


I do find it deeply worrying that the charges look like being dropped simply because of the statute of limitations mean that they will be dropped. In many respects this is bad for Assange as it leaves a stain on his reputation that a innocent person should not have. Fair enough the radical left will forgive him as they seem to forgive their heroes rapes and murders with ease.

But it is more than that. I find it worrying and frankly distasteful that a person who is in fact guilty of rape, or any violent or sexual crime, and I'm not talking about Assiange here, can escape justice simply because they hid in a Embassy for a bit.

If that person was guilty of the most heinous crime but would walk free to gloat in front of their victims after a extended stay in a friendly embassy it would be a obscene affront to justice.

And so I find it disconcerting that Assange will be free without the evidence being tested simply because of his political chums. I have always believed him innocent of sexual assault. But what if another person was guilty?

What about their victims?

Friday, 8 May 2015

On 'idiot' voters

I'm sad, though not in the least surprised, that the media and political elite blame the electorate for their loss in the election. To those who expected to win the fact that they didn't must mean that the voters, especially the working class ones, are idiots. That they are too stupid to know what's best. Too blinded by the media.....


That the voters are thick.


It's as if the political elite find fault with the voters and want us replaced with a better class of voter rather thank reflect in their own flaws and blame their policies. A new, better class of voter which follows the Guardian's lead and does what tbe elite want is their want.


This isn't good. The voters are not all lumpen thickos. They don't blindly follow the tabloids. For the political and media elite not to realise that is dangerous. It means that the real concerns of the working person is not seen as valid and they don't have to try to represent the voters legitimate views or worries.


That's bad.


The electorate aren't idiots. We are our country and the fact that the elite don't understand this and think the working class are thick is deeply unhealthy for our country.


We need to change this terrible state of affairs.


But nothing will change alas.

Monday, 6 April 2015

The political use of pain

I cannot imagine what it must be like to lose a child. The pain must be horrific. My deepest sympathies is to all those effected. Talking about such loss can help others. The bravery to talk to parents in the same situation, or worse those with a child they know is dying, can help them find it in themselves to go through their own tragic ordeal.


It won't make the pain of bereavement easier but it will show people that they are not alone. For far too long situations like this are brushed under the carpet and never talked about like unpleasant embarrassment. The child was never talked about and the pain of the relatives not recognised.


Support and remembering is good, especially when it is used to raise awareness of illness or how to survive losing one's child.


However I find it troubling that a death of a innocent child is used for political ends. It doesn't matter if it was Gardon Brown, or David Cameron, I don't like spin doctors using the tragedy of their loss to garner votes.


In this case Samantha Cameron being splashed over the press telling the public that they will never recover from the loss of their beloved son, Ivan. I do not doubt her pain and the fact that Ivan was deeply loved. Her supporting bereaved parents is a good thing, but to talk about just before the election where every vote matters to letting her husband retain power leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


It may just be me but giving even the suspicion that real loss and real pain is being used politically is distasteful.


That is a shame.

Friday, 6 March 2015

The PM's debate no-show

I am uncomfortable with elected politicans being bullied by the media. Time after time we've witnessed attrocious laws rushed through by politicans in response to a media fuelled uproar. It's more than that though: it is deeply troubling that a person we as a country elect to be our leader to be bullied by un-democratic media bullies.


It demeans our democracy.


That being said I am shocked by David Cameron pulling out of televised debates and trying to rig the debates to his advantage.


I'm shocked by his utter stupidity. It makes him look scared of debate. Worse he looks terrified of Nigel Farage. No one is scared to debate with Miliband.


This is not a good look.


Worse than that, he's screwed himself. The media have called his bluff by saying the debates go ahead, and have given their reasons publicly. Now they have made their reasons public because Cameron made his letter public, which was stupid of them.


Now he's inflicted immense damage on himself needlessly. He either backs down which makes him look weak and vacuous or he sticks to his guns and give his opponents hours of free prime time tv to rubbish him without any chance to reply.


He has made himself a joke. And that is the worst thing for any politican fo be. It's the wound that kills a career over time.


He's a powerful man surrounded by very expensive media savvy advisors. If even an idiot such as I could foresee what was going to happen why didn't he?


I honestly think that Cameron, and Miliband, Clegg, and and the leaders of the old parties such as the SNP, believe their own hype and have a divine right to rule.


This arrogance leads politicans such as Cameron to make a fool of himself as he has here. He hasn't realised that the world is changed. That new parties are on the rise and new media isn't so cowed and obsequious.


This is a self inflicted wound that is going to be very hard to avoid now.


If this is the best we've got our politics is screwed.